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Reaching the right expert is like winning the lottery. Fortunately, opportunities can be multiplied by building contact with experts in advance. With the help of Pondi, you have a direct connection to the professionals of Savilahti in Kuopio and the whole of Eastern Finland.

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At Pondi, you will find current and future talents in different industries for different lengths of employment, internships or even theses. We co-operate across educational fields with the University of Eastern Finland, Savonia University of Applied Sciences and Savo Consortium for Education. So through us, you will reach the ranks of thousands of future professionals.

Pondi is a genuine service where your skills needs are solved by professionals. We arrange all matters related to recruitment and salary reliably and efficiently.

Pondi is open to all employers in the Eastern Finland economic area. Join and make your business known! We will contact you shortly.

What employers often ask us:

Can companies that aren’t located in Savilahti also use Pondi?

How to get involved?

Can I recruit an expert found by Pondi directly to our company?

Is this an online service which is in practice a job reporting platform?

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03 The purpose of the meeting is to map out the recruitment needs and how to reach the experts best.

04 The talent pool identifies potential experts for the company’s needs.

05 The job publication will be opened for search in Pondi, the job advertisement will be marketed in Pondi’s social media channels and the applicants will be interviewed and presented to the employer.

06 Ponding is complete! The expert and the employer have found each other.

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