Discovery Event

Pitch Challenge presented by Genelec
on November 4th and 5th

NEW! Students, get involved, you got this!

Pondi, the Savilahti talent pond experts, are excited to announce
Discovery Event, a unique and exciting recruitment initiative in
which career seekers, entrepreneurs and students have an opportunity to
apply their unique skills and experience to real-world business challenges.

What is a pitch challenge event?

In typical business pitches, an entrepreneur or company will pitch their capabilities or services to a company in the hope of landing new business opportunities. In our pitch challenge event, career seekers and entrepreneurs – in the hope of landing a dream career at a globally recognised company – are presented with specific industry focus areas, which gives them an opportunity to apply their unique skills and experience to real scenarios and present their ideas to company leaders.

At the Pondi Discovery Event pitch challenge event, you pitch to company leaders yourself.

It’s a refreshing world away from simply submitting your CV for a job. Instead, this is your chance to meet business leaders face to face and literally show a company how you and your ideas can help make their business, and even their industry, stronger.

Students, we created an application just for you. Get involved, you got this!

Apply here Students apply here

Fresh eyes. Fresh ideas.

The main goals of our pitch challenge event are to help career seekers see their strengths and unique skill sets in a new light, and to give employers an opportunity to meet job candidates who can bring fresh insights to a company’s existing work processes and business challenges and see and solve them from a different perspective.

Not your typical job interview.

In most job interviews, the job seeker’s CV is the focus and an employer must decide whether or not the job seeker’s education and experience can benefit the employer. But in our pitch challenge event, the work itself becomes the focus. The employer gets an opportunity to paint a picture of the company’s business focus and vision, and the job seeker gets an opportunity to show how they can support and even improve the company’s efforts.

A career opportunity unlike any other.

Instead of the company hiring for a specific role, this unique recruitment initiative can even result in the company creating a new role they hadn’t yet considered. In our pitch challenge event, new ideas and creativity rule, and the job seeker can quite literally create their own role within a company.

Students are encouraged to participate in the Genelec Mentor program, either through their thesis or final studies. If your area of study or personal interests relate to topic areas defined in the Pitch Challenge by Genelec, please apply! The Genelec Mentor program is tailored to the applicant and aims to benefit both the student and Genelec.

Call for entries

The grand prize? A position within the very company you are pitching.

Our first Discovery Event will be hosted by Genelec and we couldn’t be more proud to have them on board.

Genelec is establishing their G Innovation Lab in Savilahti, Kuopio, which is sure to bring more great career opportunities to our region.

As the global leader in audio monitoring systems and services, Genelec has earned the respect of being a sonic reference for the audio professionals worldwidely. This has been achieved by offering groundbreaking user-centric technologies that inspire sound creativity, and with a design philosophy that is based on design innovation, technology leadership and sustainable development and strong environmental values.

Genelec Oy

Genelec is also genuinely committed to helping Pondi and other Savilahti business leaders find new ways to attract world-class talent to our region.

And, at the same time, encourage local career seekers to realise that there are world-class career opportunities right in their own backyard. That’s what the Pondi Discovery Event Pitch Challenge event is all about.

Call for entries

The opportunity.

Call for proposals:

You are welcome to submit your solutions, concept, prototypes, products and product features,
service concepts to the Discovery Event.

Students, don’t worry about having work experience or a finished product. We want to see how you think and hear about your unique ideas and perspective on the things that interest you most. Tell us why you would be a good candidate for the Genelec Mentor program?

The topics of interest are:

Sound and music production and reproduction related technology and service concepts and solutions

Digital media content production and design

Immersive audio and its applications

Linux-based IP networking applications involving media and audio

Audio signal processing applications

Machine learning and AI in the context of audio business

Digital business platforms and D2C (direct-to-consumer) business models involving audio

Programming architectures and automatic software testing

Audio-related UI and GUI designs and implementations

Sound-as-a-Service, service-centred business models involving audio reproduction

Circular economy services and applications

Audio apps

Audio and well-being

Any other concepts or proposals related to digital audio technologies and services


Please also explain the reasoning for your proposal:

1) What are the benefits your proposal may create for the target users?

2) Why Genelec should be developing and delivering your proposal? What is the benefit for

3) How feasible will be to implement your proposal – proof of concept?

4) What are the risks and uncertainties related to your proposals both in terms of implementation and business?

5) Any other open items – open comments?

Criteria for evaluating the submitted proposals consider the following:

1) Maturity of the proposal

2) Relevance and applicability of the proposal to Genelec business

3) Novelty and future potential

4) Your personal and your team’s competence profile and its match to the competence needed for the future development of your proposal

If you or your team has ideas or skills in the industry areas mentioned above, we encourage you to complete a pitch event application. Recruitment is open until September 30th at Pondi’s site.

Finalists will be selected from the entries based on the ideas presented. Selected entrants will then be invited to further develop their ideas together with Genelec staff for two days during the pitch event. Finalists will also have a job interview during the pitch event, and on the final day they will present their ideas to a Genelec-appointed pitch jury.

Students, if your studies or dissertation is related to any of the topics above, please apply. We are actively seeking student finalists, so give it a shot! The Genelec Mentor program is tailored to the student’s area of study and interests that relate to the program’s topic areas.

The experience gained during the pitch event is extraordinary. Most career seekers never get an opportunity to meet company leaders, let alone mingle and brainstorm with them. The reward is incredible too, as the Genelec team to be established in Kuopio will be recruited from among the finalists.

The Genelec G Innovation Lab will open in Savilahti at KPY Novapolis’ Microkatu tower in August, and the selected individuals / team will begin work during 2021.

Call for entries

Work well with others? Pitch as a team instead.

Keep in mind, you can apply for a spot in our pitch event as either an individual or as a team. Also students may join forces with other students and work as a team. As Genelec Oy CEO, Siamäk Naghian, explains

“We boldly want to look at the development of the industry and find new opportunities at the interfaces of different areas of expertise and industries. A team similar to a start-up within the organization enables us to be agile in development and experimentation”.

We couldn’t agree more with Mr. Naghian’s comment. “A team similar to a start-up” captures the lively energy of the pitch challenge event itself and the kind of energy that Genelec is hoping to bring to its existing team. Also, team entrants may even have a slight advantage if, for example, a team were to consist of people with interdisciplinary skill sets. This would most likely broaden a team’s perspective and ability to solve challenges.

Don’t have a team? Don’t sweat it. Even on your own you may easily possess the skills, energy, and new ideas needed to wow Genelec.

Call for entries

G Innovation Lab

Genelec will initially seek four complementary and supportive professionals in different fields of expertise to work in the company’s new G Innovation Lab. Another goal is to establish close cooperation between educational institutions. Genelec will offer these opportunities in Savilahti, among others.

Genelec is establishing its G Innovation Lab in Kuopio for several reasons. “Kuopio is a growing concentration of multidisciplinary expertise close to our headquarters in Iisalmi. The educational institutions are located on the same campus and in the surrounding areas, so cooperation between different disciplines and fields is easy.

“We intend to be actively involved in regional networks to influence the future business and well-being of the region by encouraging creativity and entrepreneurship. We see a lot of interesting cooperation opportunities not only with educational institutions, but also with companies operating in Savilahti. Strong welfare themes and competence networks are also of interest in Kuopio”, explains Naghian.


Shaking up traditional recruiting methods.

Discovery Event is created and organised by Pondi, Savilahti’s talent pool experts. Pondi is a service recently launched by KPY Novapolis and Osuma Personnel Services to expand and invigorate talent recruitment.

A key goal of our Discovery Event pitch event is to reinvigorate traditional recruiting methods. Career seekers often feel that they don’t have the skills or experience needed to land a certain position at a company. But by flipping the script and presenting career seekers with an industry focus, they can put less energy into what they feel might be their shortcomings and put more energy into how they can enhance the company’s work and overall vision.

Simply shining a light on a company’s or industry’s work processes or areas of expertise can inspire job candidates in a new and refreshing way. And that’s the mission of our pitch challenge event, to inspire cooperation between recruiters and companies, to help both career seekers and employers connect in new, creative ways, and to help the career seeker, company and industry all move forward together.

“Our new pitch recruitment concept can be tailored to an employer’s specific needs, and the competition itself allows teams to be assembled for idea generation and co-development. During the pitch process, ideas, know-how and cooperation opportunities are guaranteed to emerge. Best of all, everyone who gets involved will have an experience that strengthens their own skills, opens new networks, and creates a unique opportunity to personally meet and learn from industry-leading companies like Genelec”

explains Anssi Lehikoinen, CEO of KPY Novapolis.

Siamäk Naghian, Genelec Oy CEO, adds, “Instead of recruiting new staff for ready-made tasks, this unique pitch event encourages people to create their future tasks on their own and in an entrepreneurial spirit.”

“We are committed to G Innovation Lab’s operations on a long-term basis. We believe that within 3-5 years we will see concrete results from the selected startup-minded team building and working”, says Naghian.

Call for entries

Do I have what it takes?

Because this particular pitch is hosted by Genelec Oy, ideal candidates will have an affinity for and some experience within the audio industry or in a complementary field that has capabilities that can be applied to the industry’s work processes, such as digital content production, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, to name a few.

If you believe that your particular skill set puts you in a good position to help Genelec, then by all means you have what it takes to succeed at our pitch challenge event. Remember, the purpose of this event is to get career seekers out of their comfort zone. Our host company, Genelec, is looking for new thinking, for people who can bring a fresh perspective to their work.

You don’t have to be a superstar presenter to apply for a spot at the Pondi pitch challenge event, although that wouldn’t hurt your chances of success, but you do have to feel confident about what you bring to the table. Hopefully you see a way in which you might be an asset for Genelec. If you do, we encourage you to get excited about this unique opportunity to make a splash and prove yourself.


Call for entries

Questions & Answers

Who can apply?

The main goals of our pitch challenge event are to help career seekers see their strengths and unique skill sets in a new light, and to give employers an opportunity to meet job candidates who can bring fresh insights to a company’s existing work processes and business challenges and see and solve them from a different perspective. If you have ideas that can help Genelec or the audio industry at large, we’d love to hear your pitch.

We also want to offer soon-to-be graduates and postgraduates the opportunity to participate in this collaborative experience. If your education makes you a worthy contributor for the Genelec Mentor program, we want to hear from you.

Register for our Discovery Event on November 4th and 5th?

Application submission is open at Pondi’s site until September 30th. We encourage you to register early while spots are still available, and to allow yourself more pitch prep time.

Join us?

While the grand finale of our pitch event will be held on October, the entire Discovery process will take place during 2nd of Aug until 30th of Nov. Participants will have an opportunity to meet Genelec, share their ideas, refine their pitch presentations with coaches, and ultimately pitch to the Discovery jury. Key stages and dates are noted below.


Timeline 2nd of Aug until 30th of Nov

Participant Selection
Genelec selects participants for the Kick-off / Discovery Event

  • Participants will be notified via email

Remote Kickoff
Understanding the Discovery recruiting process

  • Meet the company – Genelec introduction
  • Idea exploration – Remote conversations between participants and Genelec coaches (15 minutes)

Discovery Events on November 4th and 5th

  • Pitch Prep Day – Pondi-Genelec joint interviews; Pitch refinement with Genelec coaches
  • The Big Day – Finalise pitch presentations; Pitch to Discovery jury

Discovery Winners Announcement

  • Winners notified and announced
  • Meet the winners and learn about their Discovery ideas


Application submission deadline is on 30th of September!

The application period is September.

Accommodation and travel expenses?

Genelec may reimburse the Applicant`s reasonable travel and accommodation expenses on condition that the reimbursement is deemed necessary. Applicant can attend the Discovery Event remotely/virtually.

General terms and conditions of Participation?

Need more information?

Feel free to contact us at (in Finnish) or (in English).

Correspondence received will be answered within two business days.

Meet the Genelec pitch jury

On the final day of our event, finalists will present their ideas to a pitch jury appointed by Genelec. Meet the Genelec pitch jury:

Siamäk Naghian

CEO, Genelec

Aki Mäkivirta

R&D Director, Genelec

Johanna Ylikahri

HR Director, Genelec

Mikko Martikainen

Enterprise Architect, Genelec

About working with Genelec

Jussi Väisänen

“Team work is a good tool for the quiet sharing of wisdom. You have to share what you know and learn how to work together. If I share what I know with others, I don’t know any less.”

Kyösti Janatuinen

“One might think that things could be done in a simpler way but we do them the Genelec way.”

Piia-Riitta Bergman

“We have great people here. Very often I feel like, wow – I get to work with these people.”

Maire Lappalainen

“One is free to work here, no one is breathing down your neck. Even during hard times in life I have been able to come to work. Cry if you need to cry, I have been told.”

Have questions or need more information?

Feel free to contact us:

Jani Huttunen

+358 50 307 9337
(in Finnish)

Lauri Jalkanen

+358 44 214 3997
(in English)

Application submission is on September