There's always work to be done in our country

The right experts are needed now more than ever. The connection to a dream job or employee is often closer than we think. That is why we do have Pondi, whose job it is to care.

Pondi. A talent pool.

Pondi was born in the growing Savilahti, Kuopio, with thousands of students and hundreds of companies, so that experts and jobs could meet. With the help of Pondi, companies and experts gain more awareness on both sides. Once you get to know each other, it’s easier to have a stable, gold-worthy employment relationship.

With the change in the way we work, we operate throughout whole Eastern Finland. So do not hesitate to bond through us. We connect experts and jobs easily and, above all, flexibly. Pondi also connects the authors of internships and theses to a suitable company.

We offer three different ways to recruit – staffing, direct recruitment and combined search. Through Pondi, employees have been employed in the restaurant, legal, IT, construction, real estate and personnel services sectors, among others.

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A dream job is not always found at the click of a finger. On top of all that, dream work means different things for everyone – a suitably challenging task, a comfortable work community, a relevant world of values or fun co-workers. When you get to know employers and a variety of jobs before committing, you will gain contacts and experience.

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Reaching the right expert is like winning the lottery. Fortunately, opportunities can be multiplied by building contact with experts in advance. With the help of Pondi, you have a direct connection to the professionals of Savilahti in Kuopio and the whole of Eastern Finland.

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