1. Can companies that aren’t located in Savilahti also use Pondi?

  • Yes absolutely. The service is open in our economic area to anyone who needs to get in touch with new talents.

2. Can others than those studying in Savilahti also register as a job seeker?

  • Absolutely yes, again. We want to combine talents and jobs with agility and a low threshold. The service is ideal for those who dream of returning to the area, for example.

3. How to get involved?

  • The easiest way to get involved is to register on our website. Whether you are an employer or an talent, leave your contact information and Pondi will contact you soon.

4. Can I recruit a talent found by Pondi directly to our company?

  • Typically, Pondi’s employment is for a few months. If your cooperation proves to be successful on both sides, the employee can of course move on to the employer’s payroll. This is the greatest possible success for us.

5. Is this an online service which is in practice a job reporting platform?

  • Pondi is a genuine service implemented by Osuma’s HR professionals. We get to know all of Pondi’s job seekers and employers in person. Our success is based on connecting the right talents to the right place.

Looking for work doesn’t have to feel like work.

Just because you need a job doesn’t mean you want one. Truth is, most people aren’t looking for a job – they’re looking for a career. This is especially true for graduates. Imagine spending the majority of your life in school, entering the workforce and suddenly realizing that your first job is practically a throwaway experience. That’s not right. In fact, it’s just plain wrong. 

We’re Pondi, a team of staffing experts in partnership with KPY, and we’re launching a new staffing service that goes the extra mile for career seekers like you, and for employers too. Because we’ve learned that when we put a little more effort into the staffing process itself, outcomes tend to be better for both employers and career seekers.

Yes, we want to see your CV. But we also want to get to know you and learn more about your likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, and your unique skill set. That way we can help you find prospective employers who can best benefit from all that you have to offer. 

After all, anyone can make a living. But we want to help you find a career where you can truly make a difference.